The ocean water off of South Jersey is returning to its normal color, but remains clearer than normal.

Elizabeth Lacey, an assistant professor of marine science at Stockton University, told The Press of Atantic City that the phytoplankton population south of Long Beach Island had grown quickly over the past few weeks.

"Phytoplankton are microscopic marine plants that blossom when the colder, nutrient-rich water comes to the surface from down below,” Lacey said.

But, after turning a deeper shade of green and blue the past several weeks, the water has returned to it's regular color thanks to a combination of warmer water and ocean currents.

"It didn't just disappear, but it gradually dispersed, so the color is no longer noticeable,” Lacey told the newspaper, adding that the ocean water is still clearer than usual.

The beach weather continues to be sunny and warm, according to WPG Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow, who said the humidity will be dropping on Tuesday and Wednesday with temperatures in the upper 80s. But it will return for the weekend.

"The weekend could indeed feature the hottest temperatures of the summer so far, and triple-digits are not out of the question. There will be a couple of chances for thunderstorms too – mainly Friday afternoon and Sunday night. But without a doubt, the big weather story will be the oppressive heat building throughout this last weekend of July," Zarrow said.

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