NEWFIELD — A house exploded in a small South Jersey borough on Saturday morning.

The explosion occurred about 6:45 AM on the 300 block of Oakwood Drive, police told the Townsquare News Network. The dispatcher did not have additional information to disclose.

A resident had to be rescued, NBC Philadelphia reported.

KYW Newsradio reporter Tim Jimenez tweeted from the explosion scene that "debris is everywhere in the neighborhood - insulation, paperwork, etc."

6 ABC reported a debris field spread for two blocks.

The explosion could be felt for several blocks in this borough along Routes 40 and 55 in Gloucester County.

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The was no word on how many people may have been in the home.

"Oh my gosh! Is that what that was? I just wrote about it on my main page and my house shifted," according to an account of the explosion on the Vineland, NJ, Police Department Talk Facebook page.

"A felt a thump and my heart was beating fast. I went outside to see if a tree fell on my roof or something and did not see anything. I was thinking maybe it was something hard that crashed...maybe even a train car or something. Too much of a shake to be just a car crash. I looked down the street though to see if it was a car crash really close and maybe something fell like a pole or something."


The news site AlanticCity911 reported the fire chief on scene said the home was "completely leveled" and an evacuation of the area was underway.