27-year-old police officer Daniel Hunt has been indicted on charges he assaulted a cousin of actress Lindsay Lohan in Boston.

Hunt, a patrol officer for Haddon Heights, was at a pizzeria on Boylston Street in Boston back in January when a confrontation with a group of students from Boston College erupted.

Hunt, of Barrington, allegedly shoved 24-year-old Kevin Lohan, a Boston College hockey player. The push escalated into an all out brawl, in which Lohan was reportedly punched in the face by another man from Philadelphia, resulting in a broken jaw that required surgery, reports NJ.com.

A reporter for WCVB/Boston posted video of the incident to his Twitter:

Daniel Hunt has been charged with assault and battery, while the Philly man, 29-year-old Ian Salerno was indicted on aggravated assault and battery charges, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office. They're expected to be arraigned on August 1st.

As for Kevin Lohan, the 6 ft. 5' hockey defenseman whom the Boston Globe confirmed (via AP) is a relative of Lindsay Lohan, had his jaw be wired shut for three weeks. He also now has permanent metal plates in his jaw and cheek. He was unable to participate in the remainder of his school's hockey season following the melee.

Willingly or not, those Lohans sure know where to find chaos.

SOURCES: NJ.com, Boston Globe, WCVB Twitter

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