MEDFORD — A South Jersey woman admitted she left her dog outside on her balcony in a cage to die after it became ill.

The dog couldn't eat or drink, the woman told a judge, and admitted she did not try to get veterinary care for it, according to the Burlington County SPCA Humane Police. The woman, identified as Denai Carter by, will serve a 90 day jail sentence and pay $5,000 in fines and court costs. She also has been banned for life from owning a dog.

The jail sentence was suspended as long as Carter's fine is paid and restrictions honored.

Humane Police Det. Armand King said the dog was reported to police by the staff of Carter's apartment complex in November and had been dead for "some time," according to the report.

Carter was charged with failure to provide necessary care, inflicting unnecessary cruelty on a living creature, failure as the owner to provide necessary care causing bodily injury and causing the death of a living creature."


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