If you thought a group of pelicans was called "a flock," you'd be about as wrong as I was.

According to BirdFact.com, a group of pelicans is called a squadron - or a pod. pouch, or scoop.

Who knew?

Anyway, pelicans are a rare sight in New Jersey - but one local resident found some and she managed to capture them on video:

They appear to be brown pelicans, which, according to BirdWatchingHQ.com, is one of two types of pelicans occasionally found in New Jersey. The other type is the white pelican.

Patti Jackson observed the pelicans and shared them on a Villas, New Jersey Facebook page. Jackson tells us that the pelicans were spotted "At the creek just north of Norbury Landing in Del Haven."  She says she also say some a month or so ago at Kimball's beach, on the bayside of Cape May County.

Google Maps
Google Maps

SOURCE: Patti Jackson and Facebook

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