We have confirmed that the state of New Jersey has formally requested that the City of Atlantic delay naming the developer for Bader Field.

Here is a link to our extensive coverage on this topic from December 16, 2022.

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The state Department of Community Affairs requested that this item be removed from the City Council agenda.

This is good news for Bart Blatstein, as DEEM Enterprises thought (last week) that they were just days away from being formally named the developer by the state of New Jersey.

As the state of New Jersey has full oversight of Atlantic City, this is not a decision that the local government can make without state approval.

Blatstein said last week to us that he has called for an open and transparent Request for Proposal (RFP) process to be followed.

Blatstein said he did not want to say anything bad about his competition, however, he did question DEEM Enterprises, as to whether they have any previous track record of developing anything.

“What are they (DEEM) afraid of ... let's have an open, nationwide process. Let the games begin," said Blatstein.

If you missed our November 22, 2022 coverage about Blatstein’s letter to New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, here it is:

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We posed this question to former New Jersey Senator James J. “Sonny” McCullough last week:

Had Bart Blatstein not proposed his development plan for Bader Field, would DEEM Enterprises have already received the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) from the state of New Jersey?

"An announcement will happen very soon and (DEEM Enterprises) will receive an approved state MOU to be the developer of Bader Field," said McCullough.

It is apparent that Blatstein’s entry into this process has changed the previous trajectory.

There is little doubt that DEEM Enterprises was heading towards state approval.

Blatstein’s Casa Mar proposal has changed that, at least for now.

Blatstein told us last that he didn't believe that the MOU decision had yet been reached by the state of New Jersey.

Bader Field - Google Maps
Bader Field - Google Maps

Today’s development proves that Blatstein was correct in his assessment.

In the high stakes business of major real estate development, it’s always a victory for your (Blatstein’s) side when you live to fight another day.


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