A new steakhouse has just opened on Broad and Spruce Streets in Philadelphia and is drawing a lot of criticism because of their outrageous payment requirements.

Steak 48 is requiring a $100 food and beverage minimum per person.

Let me make that extra clear for you. The total for the entire party dining doesn't have to be at least $100 -- each individual guest has to order at least $100 worth of food and drinks to be able to dine at the restaurant.

And no, tax and tip does not count.

A tweet has been going viral of a sign that is posted outside of Steak 48 that lays out the rules and requirements of pricing. A lot of the comments are filled with people slamming the restaurant for not appreciating customers' giving them business. Other think the rule is ridiculously hilarious.

According to CBS Philly, Steak 48 has responded to all the online criticism and says their policy was put in place to help the restaurant's workers bounce back after being out of work during the pandemic.

In a statement, Steak 48 wrote in part: “Like many restaurants in our industry, we’ve had to make some updates to our policies, like the $100 per person minimum in effort to support our staff and restaurant’s operations, and provide the ability to be successful as a steakhouse designed for the full sit-down experience…”

A lot of people even have gone as to say the restaurant is targeting black customers. Rev. Marshall Mitchell with Salem Baptist Church of Abington stated, "This is an old American recipe that is oftentimes cooked in a different way that we’ve seen before."

Despite the criticism, apparently the place is always crowded. However, I can get myself a nice juicy steak from Texas Roadhouse and be just fine. Steak 48 can keep their steak.

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