Stockton University professor and marine archaeologist Stephen Nagiewicz appeared with Fox News host Neil Cavuto to talk about the OceanGate Expedition to the RMS Titanic.

 The submersible, holding five people, lost contact with the mothership Sunday less than 2 hours into the 12,500-foot trip to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.
Nagiewicz is an adjunct faculty Marine Science professor who teaches courses on the impact of shipwrecks at Stockton University.
In the segment, Nagiewicz offered his expert opinion on what could have happened to the sub and what search teams might want to try to find the missing submersible.
He theorized that the sub could have become caught on something three miles down in the ocean or that the problem might be a loss of communication with the sub. Watch the segment below.
The Stockton professor is a South Jersey diving expert who has decades of experience dealing with wreck diving.
Nagiewicz was one of three Stockton University staffers who led the search last summer for illegal prohibition-era booze boats called rumrunners that are still on the ocean floor off the New Jersey coast on an episode of National Geographic's "Drain the Oceans," a docuseries that uses advanced technology to explore mysteries beneath the sea. Watch a tailor for "Drain the Oceans" below.
"I've been a scuba diver for over 40 years, and it's the shipwrecks and the stories they have which have fascinated me the most," Nagiewicz said in the episode. "They're exciting, they're historic. They are time capsules on the seafloor. And of all the ones I dived, one really stuck with me."

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