We have collaborated with Atlantic City Police Officer (retired) John Devlin to file this report about the dangerous and deplorable road conditions near the Atlantic City Coast Guard Station.

This road is located nearby The Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino and it is the direct responsibility of the City of Atlantic City. The current condition is disgraceful.

Devlin saw our recent coverage about 2 potholes that were located on South Montpelier Avenue in Atlantic City for more than two years … which inspired Devlin to report to us about the hazardous conditions near the Atlantic County Coast Guard Station.

Before we get further into the Atlantic City Coast Guard Station issue  … I want to take this opportunity to share with you that within one day of our published report about the potholes on South Montpelier Avenue … as a direct result of our report … the City of Atlantic City stepped-up and repaired this street after more than two years of dereliction.

Former Atlantic City Deputy Fire Chief Joe Rush confirmed this good news with us.

The Ocean Club Condominiums also sent an email to their residents, confirming the good news.

Earlier today (Friday) the City of Atlantic City arrived on Montpelier Ave to repair the potholes on the street.The work has been completed. Please be careful when entering and exiting Montpelier Ave and be mindful of the Caution Cones.

I’m not sure why they are still talking about caution cones now that the problem is solved. Inexplicably, the city had put caution cones in place for more than two years, rather than simply fix the potholes.

I won’t overthink the room and we’ll settle on just being glad that the city finally did its job here.

Now, back to the Atlantic City Coast Guard Station present circumstances.

We are respectfully appealing to Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small to do here exactly what he did on South Montpelier Avenue last Friday.

Devlin owns and operates multiple boats at The Farley State Marina, hence, he is in this area on a daily basis.

Here is Devlin’s report to us about the current circumstances:

“This is a very dangerous exit from the coast guard station. Especially in bad weather. It’s City street owned and operated by City of AC. There has been Zero upkeep or maintenance; yet the City serves tickets daily for people parking on the side. So, the city has no problem taking violation money from the same street, but they refuse to pave it and up keep the road. It’s very dangerous considering it's only exit for coast guard station other than by boat,” said Devlin.

Small has an opportunity to come-up big … as he did on South Montpelier Avenue last Friday.

It demonstrates that when he want’s to fix a problem … he can do it.

We’ll be watching and reporting.

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