According to a recent study, New Jersey is among the top ten most educated states in the U.S., beating out Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New York.

The study, "Most and Least Educated States," was conducted by the personal finance website, WalletHub.

The research was based on education attainment, school quality, and achievement gaps between genders and races across all 50 states.

So where does New Jersey land in this study?

Right at number 10! New York follows at number 13, Delaware at number 17 and Pennsylvania sits right at number 28.

This comes as no surprise since Philly Voice points out, New Jersey was recognized for being the best state in providing education and child care just last week. New Jersey was also named among the top places to raise a family.

So three cheers for New Jersey! Keep up the good work!

Read the full breakdown of where New Jersey lands among other states in the U.S. on WalletHub.



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