It's really just a basic example of supply and demand. There are a certain amount of parking spaces available near the beach and boardwalk in North Wildwood. During the summer, there are way more people looking for a place to park than that number of spaces, especially on the weekends.

Many shore towns face this issue, but North Wildwood feels their problem has become "untenable" in recent years.

Making matter worse, the North Wildwood Planning Board says that people living in these busy areas aren't using their off-street parking (every residential unit must have two off-street spaces) and are parking on the street instead.

The planning board has made changes in the North Wildwood summer parking regulations they hope will improve this parking crunch. They will cost you more money to park in North Wildwood this summer and even more in the next two summers after that.

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The changes were laid out in a recent press statement from the city of North Wildwood.

- Effective this summer, paid parking will be expanded to the entire length of Ocean and Surf avenues.

- Weekly and non-transferable parking permits have been discontinued.

- The price for vehicle parking permits will go from $175 to $200 for the summer of 2022.

- The price of non-transferable parking permits will increase to $300 in summer 2023 and $400 in summer 2024.

- The price of transferrable parking permits will increase to $300 this summer, then go up to $400 in 2023 and increase to $500 in 2024.

- Other summer parking changes in North Wildwood include allowing parking with a permit on the east side of John F. Kennedy Drive and parking with a permit in any of the North Wildwood parking lots.

- Property owners with a driveway are now allowed to park in front of their driveway or allow anyone else to park there if they choose.

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