WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP (Bergen) — Police are trying to identify a woman seen putting a child into the trunk of a car.

A Washington Township resident witnessed the suspicious incident late Saturday afternoon around 4:40 p.m., police said.

They reported that a white woman in her mid-30s got out of a red or maroon sedan. The vehicle was a Toyota Camry or Corolla.

She then helped a young child get into the trunk of the car. The juvenile was possibly around eight years old.

Red sedan considered suspicious (Washington Township police)
Red sedan considered suspicious (Washington Township police)

The resident said that there was no struggle or dispute as the woman was putting the child into the trunk.

Authorities released an image from the resident's security camera. They said the vehicle, seen above, was last seen heading west on Washington Avenue toward Pascack Road.

Anyone who recognizes the vehicle is asked to immediately call the Washington Township police at 201-664-1140.

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