Frank LoBiondo

Denied Certain Benefits?
A wonderful dad of a United States Coast Guard Officer called me on-air this morning. He advised that his son is being denied certain benefits because the state of New Jersey does not consider him to be a military servant.
Sports Betting Hearing
New Jersey federal lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle who support the state's bid to legalize sports betting look forward to the airing that the matter will have before the U.S. Supreme Court.
7AM: Ask The Congressman
Join WPG Talk Radio 104.1 for our monthly 'Ask The Congressman' program with South Jersey Congressman Frank LoBiondo, this month at a special time: Tuesday morning at 7:00.
NJ Reaction to Trump's Speech
South Jersey Congressman Frank LoBiondo said, "In true Donald Trump style, he did not sugarcoat the immense challenges our nation faces. I welcome the president’s collaborative tone and clear specificity of policies he wants to address."
Fighting for Fighter Jets
Exclusion of the Atlantic City Air National Guard Base from consideration to house the new Air Force F-35A fighter jets draws quick and unified response from New Jersey's entire Congressional delegation.

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