Following Tuesday's horrific accident in Egg Harbor Township where an adult and a child were killed, we should all stop for a moment and thank our first responders for what they do.

When we hear the phrase "first responder," we immediately think of police officers, EMTs, and firefighters -- and certainly rightfully so. But "first responder" is sometimes an average person who is going about their day and they happen to be the first person who comes across an some type of emergency before the professionals arrive on-scene.

Around lunchtime Tuesday, a crash on English Creek Avenue left an adult and a small child dead. Reports say two vehicles collided head-on, which caused a SUV to flip over and catch fire, trapping an adult and child inside.

I saw this post on Facebook this morning and it is nothing short of heartbreaking...

Jimmy, I think it's safe to say that all of South Jersey thanks you for your efforts. We cannot imagine experiencing what you did. Thank you -- which doesn't seem like a big enough phrase.

Following the accident, NBC 10 interviewed Scullville Vol. Fire Company Chief Steve Prisament, who said, "Anything involving children is just difficult. Very difficult."

To the emergency crews that responded to the scene, how you handle heartbreaking situations like this is something that most people can never comprehend. Thank you for your service as well.

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