A man from North Jersey will be spending almost four years in prison for distributing fentanyl.

22-year-old Tawan Grier of Paterson pleaded guilty in March to a charge of knowingly and intentionally distributing fentanyl. His 45-month sentence was imposed Thursday in Newark federal court.

Acting U.S. Attorney Rachael A. Honig's office says Grier is an associate of the 230 Boys street gang, which operates in Paterson. They say, "through numerous controlled purchases of narcotics, consensually recorded telephone calls and text messages, physical surveillance, and the analysis of telephone call detail records, law enforcement officers determined that from September 2018 through Oct. 1, 2019, Grier and other members and associates of the 230 Boys distributed narcotics, including heroin, fentanyl, and cocaine base."

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In addition to the prison term, Grier was sentenced to three years of supervised release.

Honig says this case is part of an Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force operation which uses numerous law enforcement agencies to dismantle criminal organizations.

In this particular case, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; the Drug Enforcement Administration; the New Jersey State Police; the Paterson Police Department; the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office; and several county sheriff's offices all assisted in working towards Grier's sentencing.

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