Let me begin this article with a well deserved disclaimer:


This is particularly notable during the COVID-19 pandemic, whereby teachers have demonstrated how awesome and nimble they are in dealing with the challenges of remote learning; which has now stretched into two school years.

It’s much more challenging then most people may realize. Losing direct contact with students makes the educational delivery system process infinitely more difficult.

Now for the bad news.

This morning, I took an on-air phone call from an amazing woman, who was as kind as humanly possible based upon what happened to her immediate family member, who is a freshman student at one of our local high schools.

The on-air call went like this. The student had to complete a two-question assignment.

The first question pertained to persons who come into America illegally. The student answered that she felt that people who come here illegally and break the laws of our country should not be eligible to receive all of the costly benefits that they presently do.

The second questioned pertained to the 2nd Amendment to The United States Constitution. Her answer to this was that the right to bear arms is very important, because Americans have the right to defend themselves.

Our on-air caller laid all of this out and then shared that her immediate family member was given a grade of 60 from her teacher for her answers.

Yes, she received a failing grade. Look, politics is as ugly right now as it has been at any time in America since the Civil War.

However, it appears as though a teacher may have felt the need to bring their own political bias into the classroom.

That is unacceptable.

I have learned the name of the high school where this unfortunate incident is alleged to have occurred. I’m not going to reveal it here.

It’s a much bigger problem then one teacher and one school. My concern is that this is happening all over the country with increasing regularity.

The concept of teaching with some bad actors is being replaced with indoctrination tactics.

A grade should not be adversely affected because a students ideology doesn’t fit with the teacher’s.

This disturbing practice must stop. I’m a former Board of Education Member. I think that teachers who instruct the right way are amazing and have such a lasting effect in a child’s life and development.

Jack Eisenstein, Bill Faunce, George Dennis, Frank Campo, Gail Marrandino, Dennis Kelly, Bill Gussie, Tom Hand, Roy Todd (8th Grade), Emma Todd (1st Grade) and so many others have made a positive lifetime impact on me and the person I grew-up to become.

These are just a few of my educational heroes. I could easily name more.

For the great teachers, keep it up. You are so important in the lives of your students.

To the bad ones ... knock it off.

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