It's no secret to most music fans that classic rock songster Ted Nugent is a big supporter of Donald Trump. But just how big of a Trump fan is the musician? Well, so much so that he's planning on naming his next album after something the former president called him.

That's what the "Cat Scratch Fever" rocker shared with TV personality Eric Bolling and former NFL player Brett Favre on a recent episode of the pair's Bolling With Favre podcast. During the hour-long chat, the Nuge tackled topics such as hunting, his musical influences and gun control, in addition to dropping the anecdote about how a Trump nickname for the musician will be the name of his next studio effort.

Watch the video down toward the bottom of this post.

Not that a Trump-derived album title for a Ted Nugent record would come as a huge shock to many — after all, the rocker has performed the U.S. national anthem at Trump rallies. To wit, it was at one of those very rallies where the former president gave the musician his next album title idea.

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"When we were in Michigan," Nugent explained, "we did these [Trump] rallies [ahead of the 2020 presidential election] — the unprecedented rallies of 25,000, 30,000 people that were chanting, 'We love you! We love you! We love you!' The only time it's ever happened in history, because here came a hell-raising president, a 'we the people,' constitutional, businessman president that secured the border, that reduced crime rates, that reduced unemployment, that renegotiated global contracts to actually benefit America. Just a great, great man — a great president. And I'm in the audience, 'cause I would promote these events."

The musician continued, "And we really escalated the attendance because Uncle Ted, especially in the winter wonderland of Michigan … and [Trump] would always acknowledge me. [He'd go], 'Where's that Ted Nugent? Well, there he is. Ted, we're so glad you're here. You know you're a handsome devil.' And I go, 'Whatever.' And so my new record's gonna be called Ted Nugent, Handsome Devil. And we actually have the audio of the president saying that." [via Blabbermouth]

Nugent's last album was 2018's The Music Made Me Do It. That same year, the entertainer called a group of school shooting protestors "soulless" and blamed liberals for not being in the Rock Hall.

Since that time, Nugent has said that he will not get vaccinated against COVID-19, claimed Trump supporters didn't harm anyone in January's U.S. Capitol riot, called the election a fraud and railed against last year's holiday coronavirus travel restrictions.

Ted Nugent Appears on the Bolling with Favre Podcast - March 30, 2021

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