"I have to go check out the strip club for a story I'm writing for our website. Can I get reimbursed for the money I spend there?"

I gotta tell you, that that pitch to the boss-man did not work.

A similar pitch to my significant other met with the same amount of success.

Sooooooo, in that case, I'm writing this story from the comfort of my office desk, rather than scribbling it on an endless supply of liquor stained bar napkins.

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I decided to search Yelp for reviews of Bare Exposure, a somewhat-popular strip club (from what I've heard.) What I found was some pretty funny comments.

Please note: I had to clean up a lot of these comments to make them readable by fine readers such as yourself.

Here are some of the comments, followed by my comments about the comments:

"I'll never go back, although the girls I was with were good looking, I left feeling like I got scammed out of my money. Didn't get what i paid for at all. Very sketchy place..." *Um, what did you think you were paying for?

"Ugly women!!!" *Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! See above comment.

"Unfortunately you do not get exposure to bears as advertised. I was hoping to get some exposure to a bear as my bear hunting has not been successful this far." *I think this guy writes for "Saturday Night Live."

"I had the weirdest experience at this place yesterday..." *As opposed to those 'normal' experiences you expect to have at an Atlantic City strip club?

"You don't get real lap dances in this place." *Did they miss your lap, or what? Were they doing polkas when you were expecting something else? I hear fake lap dances are right up there with extended car warranties....

"Very expensive. Be on the lookout for the two Russian girls. They will get you into the Champagne room and push wine on you." *I'm alerting the Champagne region of France, warning them of the false use of the term, Champagne!

"No joke, if you come here for a bachelor party you WILL spend hundreds of dollars and have nothing to show for it at the end of the night." *Were you expecting a trophy of some sort?

"The parking lot is tiny and the fee they make you pay is ridiculous." *Yeah, if you have to dish out a lot of money to park your car, you want it to be in a BIG parking lot. (By the way, this is the first ever Yelp review of a strip club's parking lot....)

"Best bang for your buck in AC." 08



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