During the Coronavirus world-wide epidemic, people are understandably scared and thirsting for accurate information.

We are committed to being your source for accurate information.

As we have all dealt with our current challenging times, I have been giving this all a great deal of thought.

What do we need to do that currently is not being done?

I have always been a free market capitalist. I still am. But, during this crisis, I am putting much of this philosophy on hold.

This is for the greater good of our society at the present time and going forward for at least the next several months ahead.

Here are some of my thoughts:

1. We must treat the Coronavirus like it’s a war time event. Our conventional way of thinking must change. It will not work during this crisis.

2. Many are now and more will be unemployed during the emergency. Guaranteed income must be provided to every affected American until this resolves. This federal government provided income will be used by the American people to pay rent, mortgage, property taxes, food, clothing, medicine, other monthly bills, etc.

3. For those still working, all payroll taxes and other deductions should be discontinued until further notice. Any ultimate shortfall of revenue should be paid for with the Coronavirus federal relief bill that will pass and be signed into law shortly.

4. Suspend the April 15, 2020 federal tax reporting deadline until further notice. No penalties or interest should be assessed.

5. Grant relief and require no federal student loan or parent plus school loans payments until further notice. No penalties or interest should be assessed.

6. All grocery stores, big box stores, etc., should provide the first two hours of each day for those Americans 65 years and older. The overnight disinfecting, coupled with keeping younger people away from our most susceptible citizens, can help save lives.

The present federal plan is one of mitigation and containment, without a total lockdown.

The goal is to “flatten the curve,” and defeat this before we experience China or Italy-like escalating conditions.

As more Coronavirus tests are taken, be advised that there will be more cases confirmed. The media will harp about the increase. Don’t be surprised by it. Expect it.

Also, remember (for those suddenly unemployed or underemployed) there are social services available from the County of Atlantic, or, your specific municipality or county.

There are some tough days ahead. The casinos will be closed until further notice. Bars, restaurants, theaters (are or will) close going forward. Other tough decisions will no doubt follow in the days/weeks ahead.

Major elections are being postponed.

Our local courts are shut down. The United States Supreme Court has suspended their oral arguments until May.

The airline industry is presently crippled due to the related travel restrictions.

Media members are placing themselves at least 6 feet away from each other. The philosophy is to help stop community spread.

Some Governors are calling for those 65 years and older to self-quarantine.

Ohio Governor Mike Dewine has placed a 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. curfew until further notice.

Some believe that this is hysterical and causing unnecessary panic.

In the end, I resolve this by accepting that we can’t be too cautious, until we know better.

We’re all Americans. We’re in this together. We’ll get through this together. Hopefully in the shortest amount of time.

NOTE: These two items were provide by a dear friend. I knew of both. but, forgot to include (Thank you Alan).

I’d add two important things to your doctrine.

No one should be charged for Coronavirus testing or treatment.

The Army Corp of engineers should be immediately mobilized to build the types of medical facilities that China’s government so effectively put into place and we will obviously so desperately need.

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