Kellyanne Conway is the Senior Counselor for United States President Donald Trump.

Conway was also raised right here in Southern New Jersey and is a graduate of St. Joseph’s High School in Hammonton.

This makes Conway one of the most high-ranking and significant local residents to ever reach such heights in our Executive Branch.

She appeared exclusively this morning, (Friday, February 21, 2020) on WPG Talk Radio’s “Hurley in the Morning.”

You can’t overstate Conway’s significance and overall effectiveness within The Trump Administration.

First, Conway shattered the “Glass Ceiling” when she became the first victorious female Presidential campaign manager in the 243-year history of The United States of America.

The national media rarely mentions this fact. If Conway were a Democrat, she would have been celebrated.

During our interview, Conway refused to take any credit for this achievement and instead praised her candidate, now The American President, Donald Trump.

We covered a bunch of important issues, including the Democrats introduction of the latest Russia Hoax, following a New York Times report that Russia wants President Trump to be re-elected.

The President and Conway are genuinely concerned that Democrats are trying to weaponize the national Intelligence data for partisan political gain.

This is both reckless and dangerous.

According to President Trump, it’s the Democrats 7th Russia Hoax attempt. Like the 6 before it, this latest scam will also fail, because there’s simply no basis of fact to support it.

In fact, President Trump has been much tougher on Russia than the Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2 and Obama Administrations. It’s not even close.

President Trump has hit Russia with harsh sanctions and other prudent and proper pro-American measures.

Conway pushed back about how specious this latest “Russia Hoax” attempt is. The details are available by clicking on the link to our full 17-minute interview with Conway.

I also addressed how incredibly effective Conway is when she’s battling with the national media, which is basically a 24-hour-a-day, relentless job ... because the national media pounds this President and his senior team members like no other in modern American history.

Conway is here in the region today/tonight on a personal level, whereby she’ll be attending the 3rd Annual GOP Dinner at the Scotland Run Golf Club in Williamstown, New Jersey.

During our interview she discussed her upbringing here in the region and how “proud she is to be a South Jersey girl.”

Conway also talked about her family, extended family members and their important role in her development.

We spent quality time talking about United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew, R-NJ-2 and the courage he demonstrated in leaving the Democratic Majority for the Republican Minority.

This is the first time in American history that a Member of Congress has done this. It may help to pave the way for a new Republican House majority following the 2020 General Election.

Conway is a brilliant, seasoned executive. She also has a great background as a highly successful pollster and political strategist.

She is also a very captivating, witty, downright serious, and, she also knows how to effectively inject humor in an effective manner.

During the interview, I addressed how Conway and her colleagues constantly have had to deal with bogus “Hatch Act” allegations at the hands of Democrats. The federal Hatch Act prohibits certain political activities.

This has regularly been weaponized by unscrupulous Democrats, who use it as a way to undermine and harass the Trump Administration.

This makes Conway’s effective and prudent orator skills all the more essential. She’s flawless in knowing what she can and can’t say. This is no small feat.

I’m confident that you will thoroughly enjoy Conway’s definitive interview with us, which you can listen to here by using the provided link.

Conway has generously offered to return on-air with me anytime in the future.

She is an exemplary Senior Counselor to President Trump. She’s everything that you’d like to see in this key role.

Conway is effective, fiercely loyal and tenacious. In today’s political environment, you must possess all of these skill sets, or, you would be devoured by their vicious political adversaries and the hyper-biased national media.

You can’t overstate how important Conway’s role with President Trump will be over the next 8 1/2 months in the run-up to the November 3, 2020 General Election.

Stay close, as we’ll provide you with all relevant developments regarding Decision 2020.

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