Another former Philadelphia News Anchor legend (pictured above) Dave Stanley (KYW-TV) wrote today:

”Sitting at the anchor desk at KYW-TV reporting on the passing of a dear friend and mentor,” said Stanley.

“It was 39 years ago, today, Philadelphia lost its patriarch of television news and NFL Films & sports fans lost, "The Voice of God" (e.g.) "The Frozen Tundra,” said Stanley.

“Today, September 26th, we remember with love, respect and appreciation,” concluded Stanley.

- John Facenda

John Facenda had a long and storied career that was highly successful long before he became the iconic voice of NFL Films.

When you watch a John Facenda voiceover, paired with the dramatic, perfect music … it is unmatched broadcasting nirvana.

In this regard, Facenda is “The GOAT,” The Greatest of All Time.

Facenda’s Hall of Fame career spanned for decades from the 1940’s to the time of his death on September 26, 1984.

During these many decades, Facenda was a broadcaster, sports announcer, news anchor, disc jockey, radio personality.

Facenda could do it all and he did so with such elegance.

Everyone in Philadelphia, Southern New Jersey and the entire Delaware Valley just loved John Facenda. Ultimately, the entire nation was given the opportunity to find out what we already had long known … the greatest of John Facenda as a brilliant broadcaster.

From Facenda’s Wikipedia biography, Facenda said:

“I started to rhapsodize about how beautiful it was. Ed Sabol, the man who founded NFL Films, happened to be at the bar. He came up to me and asked, 'If I give you a script, could you repeat what you just did?' I said I would try.”

Isn’t that life for you. Moments of truth, when an absolute decision maker just by happenstance, is in your proximity and hears you do something that causes them to make you an offer like this.

Here’s one final fun fact, again from Facenda’s Wikipedia page.

“Probably one of the best-remembered (and most frequently-quoted) examples of Facenda's NFL Films narration is something he never actually said:

"The frozen tundra of Lambeau Field" was a quote sportscaster Chris Berman made up, mimicking Facenda's voice when he said it.”

It’s one of those things in life. Facenda never said it … but, everyone thinks he did.

On the 39th year since his passing, today, we remember to remember the life and times of John Facenda.

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