A brand new website from the state of New Jersey is designed to act as a one-stop shop for residents who have questions about anything related to reproductive rights, from contraception to terminating a pregnancy.

The online portal launched with the signing of a bill into law on Tuesday.

The Reproductive Health Information Hub includes details on an individual's rights — in New Jersey specifically — when it comes to accessing related medications, making decisions about the use of birth control, and receiving care regardless of insurance status, among other things.

"And, crucially, this new hub will connect you with health care providers throughout the state, whether you need an abortion, a cancer screening, birth control, or any other form of reproductive health care," Gov. Phil Murphy said.

The website also provides a way for individuals to file a complaint if they feel their reproductive rights have been violated. Providers can use the online portal as well, to access resources to help them serve their patients.

"With this law, we are giving women and families in New Jersey the power to take their reproductive health into their own hands," said Assemblywoman Mila Jasey, D-Essex, a sponsor of the measure that's now law. "I am proud that New Jersey continues to expand and improve the reproductive health services and resources available to our communities."

You can access the new resource at nj.gov/reproductivehealth.

Murphy signed the bill at an event in Glen Rock, which has an all-female governing body. The governor also highlighted forgivable loan awards for upgrades at reproductive health care facilities, and the rollout of an initiative to grow New Jersey's reproductive health care workforce.

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