President Donald Trump declared yesterday in Wildwood, New Jersey that ‘We Are Going to Officially Play in New Jersey.”

Joe Biden won the state of New Jersey in 2020 by 16 percentage points.

However, things have dramatically changed in both The Garden State and with the obvious decline of Biden.

A number of notable moments occurred during yesterday’s New Jersey record-setting Trump rally … which featured more than 100,000 people attended.

The Trump rally in Wildwood has been declared to be the largest political gathering in New Jersey state history.

Here’s one of those notable moments.

Trump had Doug Burgum deliver a speech right before Trump took the stage in Wildwood, New Jersey.

Trump praised Burgum at length and stated for him to “Get ready for something. Just get ready.“

Burgum has been the Governor of North Dakota since December 16, 2016. North Dakota is one of the greatest energy producers in the world.

Trump discussed Burgum’s supreme knowledge about the energy sector.

Trump also predicted at yesterday’s Wildwood rally that he will “flip New Jersey, Minnesota and Virginia.”

President Trump commented that no Republican has won Minnesota since 1952.

No Republican has won New Jersey since 1988 (George H.W. Bush).

We also ran into Jack Ciatterelli in Wildwood, yesterday.

Margie Hurley photo.
Margie Hurley photo.

Ciatterelli is the prohibited favorite to become the next governor of the state of New Jersey.

United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew,  New Jersey Senator Vince Polistina, New Jersey Senator Michael Testa, Cape May Republican Party Chairman Michael Donohue, Atlantic County Chairman Don Purdy …  along with countless other elected officials and great Americans.

Former NFL great Lawrence Taylor was invited on stage by President Trump. Taylor declared that he is voting for Trump and that he will "never vote Democrat, again.”

Trump’s Wildwood speech was very specific in terms of what a second Trump term would be like.

Trump discussed preserving and protecting Social Security and Medicare.

He also promised to fix the current runaway inflation, wage shrinkage and the current devastating cost of living for all Americans.

Trump promised to cut the taxes of all Americans, and, he explained in detail how more revenue comes into the United States Treasury … when the American people can keep more of the fruits of their hard work.

It was very Ronald Reagan-like.

Many times, candidates say that they’re going to expand the electoral map.

The feeling yesterday in Wildwood, New Jersey is that Trump can actually compete in New Jersey.

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