We had a great deal of fun together yesterday polling the question, “Who Has The Best Lobster In the Atlantic City Area?”

In our narrative yesterday, we openly stated that our list of establishments to choose from was incomplete and we asked that no one be offended for being omitted.

The results are in.

The Winner Is:


Docks Oyster House - Atlantic City

Gregory’s Restaurant & Bar - Somers Point

Our friendly competition was very close, with Steve & Cookies of Margate, Capriccio Italian Restaurant at Resorts Casino Hotel and The Palm Atlantic City just a razor-thin margin behind.

This past summer, we wrote an article about actual Atlantic City Lobsters. We all hear about Maine Lobsters, just like we all hear about Baltimore, Maryland hard shell crabs in favor of Atlantic City hard shell crabs.

Atlantic City hard shell crabs are every bit as good … it just doesn’t have the same heralded reputation.

Here is an Atlantic City area sampling of blue crabs from The Somers Point Crab Company, owned by Captain Ron Meischker. They’re fabulous.

Don P. Hurley photo.
Don P. Hurley photo.

Here is an example of an Atlantic City Lobster from this past summer.

Harry Hurley photo.
Harry Hurley photo.

An interesting New Jersey lobster fact … 5 pounds is the maximum size/weight that you can legally keep.

I went to the official NOAA records, which indicated that revenue from American lobster landings in New Jersey totaled over $2.2 million by 2015.

It’s tough work for the lobstermen. Mother Nature can be brutal out there; unforgiving and it really beats up the fishermen. They’re working hard with their own hands and delivering to us an amazing delicacy that we have the privilege to enjoy.

The friendly 24-hour “snap” poll that we took yesterday about who has the best Atlantic City Area lobsters, serves notice that there are so many fine restaurants, offering top-flight, fabulous seafood cuisine.

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