Many are wondering how did former United States Vice President Joe Biden stage such an incredible comeback?

In just 72 hours he returned from the electoral/political abyss.

Some are calling it the greatest comeback in Presidential electoral history.

Here’s how it happened:

Biden was financially broke on Super Tuesday, when 14 states and American Samoa went to the polls.

In almost every state, Biden had no campaign office, staff or ground game (by comparison, Michael Bloomberg had 44 offices in just the Commonwealth of Virginia).

Biden had no money for television, radio and digital advertising.

However, what Biden had going for him was that the nationally media went all-in for him. They overstated the Biden surge and made his win in the South Carolina Primary look like he had won The Super Bowl.

Biden received millions of dollars in what’s called “earned media.” After running for President three times, he had finally won a Primary Election contest.

Simultaneously, Bernie Sanders was getting carved up by everyone. The national media, Republicans and every institutional Democrat.

Sanders also had a disastrous television interview on the CBS 60 minutes program.

The interview was most probably a set-up, to give Sanders the opportunity to showcase his Socialist leanings.

Sanders unapologetically praised Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro and his “great literacy program.”

This very well may be the moment that Sanders turned from a near winner, to sure loser.

Sanders had “Jumped The Shark.” (Cue Happy Days, Fonzie homage).

The Democrats had an epiphany, Sanders was poised to seal the deal on Super Tuesday and amass an insurmountable delegate lead.

They stared straight into the face of a reality that Sanders would next lose to President Donald Trump in the General Election in epic fashion.

They also knew that the Democrats would also surely lose their majority in The House of Representatives.

No one ever said that politics is fair. It’s not. But, this was unprecedented.

You had the national media all-in for Biden, along with the entire institutional Democrat apparatus.

And, finally, multiple rivals all dropped out before Super Tuesday and formally endorsed Biden.

In the end, Biden won 9 of 15 Super Tuesday contests, with Maine still too close to call, but, Biden holds a slim lead.

Biden even beat Elizabeth Warren in her own home state (Massachusetts). Sanders also beat Warren.

Michael Bloomberg dropped out earlier today and immediately endorsed Biden.

The once large field is now down to just three: Biden, Sanders and Warren.

Warren has confirmed that she is “reassessing her campaign.” Those are always the words that are used right before you drop-out.

Soon it will be Biden in a head-to-battle with Sanders. Biden currently holds a slim 50 delegate lead. It’s a first to 1991 delegates wins. They are at about 650 to 600 right now.

There’s a long way to go. But, the Biden momentum is real and should continue. The only thing that remains to be decided, will Biden or Sanders be able to win the 1991 or better before this Summer’s Democrat National Convention?

Sanders hit a political buzz saw, some of it was of his own creation. It was just too much to overcome.

When everyone gangs-up on you at the same time, you almost always lose.

In the end, the Democrat Party was not prepared for an Independent Socialist to be their Presidential Nominee.

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