His real name was Eugene Yulish. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio on June 9, 1931.

Gene passed away suddenly on January 19, 2020. He was very active until the day that he died. He could walk at the brisk pace of a teenager at age 89.

His Father was a grocery store owner and his Mother wanted to be a Ziegfeld star, but, instead became an homemaker.

He became a Delaware Valley television legend, known as Gene London.

Gene London created and starred in a Saturday morning television program called … Cartoon Corners General Store.

For those who grew up in the 1960’s into the early 1970’s, it was such an important part of your formative years.

It was a wholesome, beautiful show that was magical and fun.

It was a show that you looked forward to every week.

The theme song to the show was so memorable that people can still sing it 50-plus years later:

Gene's theme song was sung by London himself and it goes like this:

Come right into the General Store

We have licorice, gumdrops and sourballs;

Anything you're hankering for,

You'll find in Cartoon Corners General Store.

There's lots of stories and songs that you know, Toys to build and a big pot belly stove;

Cartoon fun with your favorites so, Let's ring up the curtain on this show!

There's something else I've forgotten, let's see, Of course, Gene London, that's me!

Gene London possessed talent, kindness and he had a huge like ability factor.

He was one of my favorite childhood heroes.

To have become true friends with Gene during the last 20 years of his life was a surreal experience, which I cherished.

Gene London was one of tte greatest story-tellers of all-time.

Gene London genuinely loved people.

During Gene’s later years, he toured with his legendary Hollywood gowns collection.

I had the opportunity to see his show twice in the Atlantic City, New Jersey area.

The Hollywood gowns were amazing … however, Gene London’s story-telling was the real magic.

Gene had a profound love for his Mother and he often told wonderful stories about her.

Gene’s Brother’s loved baseball. Gene loved going to matinee movies with his Mother.

Gene is buried in the Mount Olive Cemetery, 27855 Aurora Road, Solon, OH (Taylor Road Synagogue section).

Gene is interred next to his Mother and Father.

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