Three swimmers on an unguarded beach in Wildwood found themselves in distress on Thursday and had to be rescued with the help of police and fire units, a nearby surfer, and people passing by on the beach.

According to a statement, Wildwood Police received a 911 call at 12:12 PM Thursday, saying that three swimmers were in distress in the ocean at Andrews Avenue.

Wildwood Police and Fire and the North Wildwood Fire Department were dispatched to the scene. A Wildwood Beach Patrol EMT who was nearby also responded to the call. When the rescue units arrived, they could see several people in the ocean.

A nearby surfer was helping to bring a juvenile girl toward shore. The beach patrol EMT immediately entered the ocean and helped assist her to shore and began medical treatment.

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An adult woman was being helped to shore by passersby on the beach and she did not require any medical assistance.

The third swimmer, also described as a juvenile female, was still thought to be missing in the ocean.

Rescue swimmers from the police and fire units along with several off-duty lifeguards entered the ocean to search for the girl. Calls were made for backup from the U.S. Coast Guard and the NJ State Police Marine Services Bureau.

After 15-20 minutes of searching the ocean, the missing swimmer was found to be already on shore, having been pulled from the ocean earlier by Good Samaritans.

One of the rescued swimmers was transported to Cape Regional Medical Center for treatment.

The Wildwood Police remind you that this incident could have been tragic and that you should never swim on an unguarded beach.

Wildwood Beach Patrol lifeguards will be on duty on select beaches beginning this Sat., June 12, with fully guarded beaches beginning on Sat. June 19.

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