I think I may have found the coolest New Jersey resident, maybe of all time.

This woman has been all over the news because of how she celebrated her 95th birthday.

Marge Wardenski is a resident of Toms River. She will be turning 95 in August, according to tomsriver.org, and she wanted to celebrate the milestone in an amazing way. She decided she wanted to go skydiving and experience the thrill of a lifetime.

Once her family heard the news, her 36-year-old granddaughter, Chelsea, was right by her side.

Although scared of heights, Marge jumped out of the plane at 14,000 feet alongside her granddaughter.

NBC10 Philadelphia/Youtube
NBC10 Philadelphia/Youtube

She told NBC10, “you only live once, take the chances.”

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I think we all need to live like and as fearless as Marge!

They also reported that Marge has gone zip lining, hand gliding, and hot air ballooning as well as skydiving, so you already know that this woman is as brave and free-spirited as they come.

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