New Jersey State Troopers were able to successfully revive an elderly man who had stopped breathing at Atlantic City International Airport.

State Police say on the afternoon of June 3rd they were led to a man who had collapsed near gate six. When troopers got to the 88-year-old man, they found he was not breathing an had no pulse.

New Jersey State Police

Here's what happened next, according to State Police:

Trooper Sitarik immediately began to perform CPR while Trooper Stickel retrieved a nearby automated external defibrillator (AED). Working together, they performed CPR and used the AED to deliver a shock.

After several cycles of CPR and two additional delivered shocks, the victim regained a pulse and started to breathe. AtlantiCare Paramedics, NJANG 177th Fight Wing EMS, and Atlantic City Airport EMS arrived shortly after the call and continued to provide first aid. The victim was transported by ambulance to Atlantic City Medical Center Mainland Division in Galloway Township where he was last listed in stable condition.

Trooper Stickel and Trooper Sitarik used their training and experience to deliver immediate care to the victim that undoubtedly helped save this man's life!

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