Do you still call it shoplifting when you steal over $5,000 in Nike apparel from a Dick's Sporting Goods store?

It seems like $5,000 in stuff should warrant a term upgrade to "stealing them blind."

Vineland Police are asking for your help finding the two guys who ripped off more than $5 grand in Nike wear last Friday from Dick's in the Cumberland Mall.

Is their motto, "JUST DO IT"?

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Here's how they did it.

Police say the two men can be seen on surveillance video filling two large garbage bags with Nike apparel then running from the store to a waiting vehicle in the parking lot.

Just so you understand, this theft wasn't some overnight smash and grab robbery, where the guys threw a brick through the window and quickly collected all the Nike stuff they could before running out into the night.

This theft happened while the store was OPEN.

Talk about brazen, big brass ones, unmitigated gall. OMG!

Store workers say these same two guys  are responsible for several other similar thefts around South Jersey. Here are more details to help the cops try to catch them.

On Friday, June 11, the two Nike sportswear enthusiasts picked the Nike section at the Dick's Sports Goods in the Cumberland Mall clean, stuffed it all in two large Hefty bags, ran out of the store and jumped in a dark green Jeep Cherokee with temporary registration plates.

They've probably been too busy ripping off stuff to get their permanent plates from the MVC.

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Police say they were last seen driving on Delsea Drive toward Millville, so, if you have any Nike gear at your place in the Holly City, I'd lock it up.

Here's the Vineland Police Facebook post about this crime...

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