Criminal defense attorney Edwin Jacobs was unflappable in a tour de force press conference on behalf of Atlantic City, New Jersey Mayor Marty Small.

Jacobs responded to the search warrants that were recently served upon Marty and La’Quetta Small at their residence.

Jacobs would not respond to any direct questions from the media about the circumstances behind the search warrants.

Jacobs and Marty Small did comment about what they wanted the public to focus on … namely, their contention that more than 20 Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Officers showed up at the Small’s residence on Thursday, March 28, 2024.

Small described them as armed with guns, shotguns and battering rams.

Jacobs was unflappable throughout the one hour press conference. Small was not. Small should let Jacobs do the talking.

Neither Jacobs, nor Small would confirm if the child mentioned in the Constance Days-Chapman criminal charges was the Small’s daughter.

Small did acknowledge facing the same parental challenges that all parents face.

Jacobs did confirm that five search warrants were served upon Marty and La’Quetta Small.

Jacobs also confirmed that two cell phones and five or six laptop computers were seized, along with other items during the search of the Small’s home.

Immediately following the Jacobs - Small press conference, the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office released the following written public statement:

Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office's Response to Mayor Marty Small's Press Conference


Law enforcement personnel from the Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office conducted a court approved search of the residence of Mayor Marty Small, Sr. and Dr. Laquetta Small on Thursday, March 28, 2024.

The men and women of this office involved in the search conducted themselves in the highest professional manner. Standard operating procedures and protocols in executing residential search warrants were utilized to ensure the safety of all occupants of the residence, neighbors, and law enforcement alike.


These procedures are put in place for safety reasons and these procedures do not deviate regardless of one's political, professional, or social status. Both Mayor Small and Dr. Small were treated with dignity and respect during the entire process.
As an example, detectives took great effort to ensure that any juveniles living at the residence were clear of the residence and not present during the execution of the search warrant.

There will be no further statements from the Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office regarding the execution of these search warrants.

The media attempted to obtain answers to core questions surrounding the Small’s home search warrant process. But, received very little by way of direct answers.

Jacobs was masterful in raising questions about the process of the how the search warrant was executed with so much manpower and in such a public manner.

Jacobs was also masterful in not giving the media any content of substance.

The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office is now at least a bit on the defensive … because they’re not in a position to talk … while Jacobs and Small are free to say anything that they want to say … as well as not say what they don’t want to say.

However, in the end, it will be the facts that will drive this matter going forward … not a one-sided only press conference spectacle.

One potential mistake that I caught … Jacobs and Small both said that this was a totally personal family matter, that it has nothing to do with Small’s position as Mayor.

However, Small used the apparatus of Atlantic City Hall, along with City Council Chambers for his self-declared personal matter.

Time will tell if this is a potential Hatch Act violation, or, any other form of violation … as Small also talked about running for the-election and that he will win next year and “even if the election was held today I would win,” said Small.

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SOURCES: Ed Jacobs - Marty Small press conference of 4/1/24 & Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office.


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