UPDATE: The 177 Fighter Wing of the New Jersey Air National Guard went into lockdown at 10:50 AM Saturday when gunshots were heard on the base. The shots were determined not to have anything to do with the training exercise being held at the base today.

The 177th Fighter Wing posted this update about the situation at 1:40 PM Saturday.

The 177th Fighter Wing received reports of an unknown source of gunshots fired during a base exercise in the area of building of 52. Shots heard were determined not to be an exercise inject. The exercise was immediately suspended. The base was placed in lockdown at approximately 10:50 a.m. State and local authorities responded to the Wing. All authorities determined the area to be clear and safe and normal operations have resumed.

Our original report continues below.

The 177 Fighter Wing of the New Jersey Air National Guard went into lockdown early Saturday afternoon.

Officials at the base made the announcement at 12:40 PM Saturday.

The 177th Fighter Wing is currently in lockdown in response to a suspicious incident report. This is an active investigation. We will provide an update when further details are available.

The 177th Fighter Wing had announced they would be engaged in a Wing training exercise through Saturday.

The Fighter Wing said the exercise is a typical training event required every 12 to 18 months to ensure mission capability and survivability in an overseas military operation and that activities would be confined to the base.

It's not known if the lockdown or the suspicious incident has anything to do with the training exercises.

As an example of the type of incident that could cause an Air National Guard base to go into lockdown, a base in Tennessee was put on lockdown in 2020 following reports of a suspicious person with a rifle, according to a base spokesperson at the time.

Several other lockdown reports that have happened nationally occurred after someone on a base reported hearing gunshots.

Again, no actual details of the cause of Saturday's lockdown in Egg Harbor Township have been given.

This is an active story. Updates will be made as information is given.

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