This story has been updated the the problem has been resolved

Verizon appears to have resolved problems connecting calls made from cell phones to police departments and business landlines in New Jersey and around the country.

Calls made to other Verizon personal lines appeared to be going through. However, calls that we randomly made to the main line for the Toms River and Bradley Beach police departments connected but were cut off by an "all circuits are busy" message.

Spokesman Andrew Testa told Townsquare Media the "issue" was causing intermittent call failures to from cell phone users to some business and police department landline numbers across several states.

In a subsequent email Testa said the problem was resolved. A follow up call placed to Toms River police was successful. Testa did not disclose details about what caused the problem.

Calls to 911, text services and data services wee not impacted by the problem.

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