In this rough and tumble game life … you need to know when to call a time out.

On short notice, due to a shoulder injury and exhaustion, a popular Mays Landing, New Jersey Restaurant will be closing from August 17-31, 2023.

I distinctly refer to this long-standing restaurant as versatile, because they offer Mediterranean, Egyptian and Italian.

It’s a true “triple threat” restaurant.

The ownership has apologized on their social media Facebook Page for the short notice given regarding their temporary closure.

It reads as follows:

“Due to my little injury in my shoulder (on the) left side and old tired and exhausted hard-working. I will take time out from August 17 to August 31. I will be back (and) reopen September 1 Friday Saturday Sunday 4 to 9 for dinner after taking a little rest, and fix my shoulder and I want to thank everyone support me and keep me going for business and I want to apologize to the people booked reservation A HEADS I am real sorry. I hope you understand. In the short note I gave you. Thank you.”

It really does serve notice with regards to how tough the restaurant business is. Many times, if not most times … it’s a seven day per-week grind.

It’s understandable that you can become exhausted and just need a break. Closing for two weeks will allow for healing and provide the rest necessary to recuperate.

Also, remember, it’s not just the hours of operation that a restaurant is open. Owners and key employees have to work before and after normal hours of operation… Managing the business side of the restaurant.

After this short respite, the Gold Pyramid will return to serve its many long-time customers.

SOURCE: Golden Pyramid Restaurant.

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