LIVINGSTON — It was only a matter of seconds between when an assistant bank manager at the Regal Bank got up from her desk and when a deer came crashing through the window.

The incident happened on Monday morning, not long after the branch opened at 8:30. Chief Operating Officer Dan Tower said the buck was observed on security camera footage shattering the glass.

Tower said in the summer that part of the office gets hot, which is why they put a special film over the window to keep it cooler.

According to the bank's Facebook page, they do not believe the deer was injured. Tower said he thinks it's possible the deer saw his reflection in the window and thought it was another male deer.

Having been at the bank's Millburn branch at the time of the incident, Tower said he was at the Livingston location 10 minutes later. By that time, he said the property manager had already cleaned up the mess and was measuring for a new window. He said the only noticeable difference in the office was that it was a little colder without the glass pane in place.

By Tuesday, the bank was operating normally and Tower said the branch's Trunk or Treat event was a success despite the excitement of the day before.

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