When it comes to blending in with a crowd so as to not draw attention to yourself, this guy is fighting an uphill battle every single day.

Cops in Vineland are asking the question, "are you able to identify this subject?"

And even they say, "not many people have artwork like this that stands out."

The artwork that they are talking about is, obviously, a unique tattoo that starts at the man's shoulder, climbs up his neck, cheek, and then goes above his eye.

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No indication was given as to why police are trying to identify this individual, however, if you know who he is, police would love to hear from you -- drop an e-mail to Ofc. Owens of the Vineland Police Department at DOwens@VinelandCity.org. You can also send an anonymous tip through the VPD.TIPS website.

When you contact Ofc. Owens, please reference case #22-22293. Or "the guy with the tattoo on his face."

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