On Saturday, Downe Township Fire & Rescue Squad and Dive Team worked with Vineland Police to pull a submerged car from a lake in South Vineland Park.

According to a Facebook post from Downe Twp. Fire/Rescue and Dive Team, the vehicle was sitting at the bottom of 33 feet of water and was 124 feet from shore. Since the Dive Team had no idea where in the lake the car was, or, even if it was a car, the crew used side scan sonar to locate the vehicle.

Divers then made their way to the bottom and confirmed that the object seen on the sonar was a vehicle. The divers secure a tow line to the car.

The Facebook post says that divers then swam the tow cables down the rope to the vehicle and secured the tow line to the tow strap that was placed on the vehicle.

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After the vehicle had been secured to tow lines onshore, the divers and their boats cleared the area and the towing began. The towing was handled by Battelini's Heavy Towing of Landisville.

The car is a white, 4-door sedan. Vineland Police did not return a call asking for information on the vehicle and how it got into the lake.

There is a photo gallery attached to the Downe Township Fire & Rescue Squad and Dive team Facebook page below which shows good detail of how this complicated operation was handled.

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