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Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and their fellow Democrats in the Democrat legacy media have conspired together in absolute silence as violent Antifa members violently assaulted peaceful President Donald Trump supporters.

The Trump faithful assembled by the tens of thousands in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, November 14, 2020 in a peaceful event, designed to support President Trump, in a Make America Great Again themed rally.

At some point, the various prominent Democrats and their fellow Democrats in the media will have to answer the question: “How can they remain silent”?

The Democrat media is so dishonest, that in its initial reporting, they tried to proclaim that Trump supporters were responsible for the violence.

Video evidence and witness accounts quickly discredited this bogus storyline.

President Trump was blunt in his assessment, promptly tweeting:


All during the campaign to try and defeat President Trump, The Democrat Cabal have all refused to condemn these violent criminals.

They have conspired together to call violent events, “mostly peaceful rallies.”

They outrageously proclaim that there have not been any violent protests. Yes, they define violent criminals as peaceful protesters. This is his bad it’s gotten.

Remember, it was going to be a “Summer of love.”

Antifa is the ultimate in Democrat projection. This is an organization that advertises itself as anti-fascist. Yet, they are fascists.

To them, it’s real simple. The ends justify the means. Defeating President trump to them means that they are willing to do it by any means necessary.

Make no mistake about it, all of these complicit Democrats know that this has been blatant criminal activity on a regular basis.

They know that these criminals are in the process of destroying major cities all over America.

Just look at Americans fleeing major cities; yet, the Democrats won’t be truthful about why people have been forced to leave their homes.

They also know that these violent criminals are a big part of the Democrat base, which is why they remain silent.

The fact remains, there are many more good people vs. bad people in our country.

The time is long since overdue for people of good faith to stop remaining silent about this.

The Democrats of this era want to win in the worst way. That’s why they strategically have chosen to remain silent.

The time is now for the Silent Majority to peaceably rise-up and effectively condemn these violent criminals, who have become a big part of the Democrat Party. The Democrats and media refuse to do so.

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