The Mainland Regional High School choir can't stop singing, even on an airplane.

The group was on a Southwest Airlines flight on their way back to South Jersey when they broke into an a Capella rendition of 'This Is Me' from The Greatest Showman movie soundtrack. 

One of the Southwest flight attendants had reportedly done a bit of singing on the cabin intercom just before the end of the trip. When she learned there was a choir on board, she asked them to sing for her.

Mainland choir director Amy Melson posted this video to her Facebook and wrote, 'This just happened on the plane ride home. Made the flight attendants cry. Such a great way to end our trip. They’re great kids!! #choirfamily #southwest'

Melson tells us the MRHS's Show Choir was on their way home from Festival Disney, where they took part in a music competition that earned them Best Show Choir, Best in Class in their category and Silver Overall among the specialty choirs. Melson says the in-flight sing-along was the perfect way to end such a memorable experience.