Sorry, parents! We know an extra day of winter break isn't exactly what you asked Santa for, yet here we are. It's snowing in South Jersey!

Snow is always exciting in the southernmost parts of New Jersey since it seldom sticks to the ground for too long. When it's predicted to hit this region of the state the hardest, it's time to start dreaming about snow angels, snowmen, and sledding! Hopefully, you stocked up on everything you'll need to make French Toast.

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South Jersey's expected to see accumulations of six to twelve inches of snow by the evening hours.

Instead of worrying about this week's schedule that may or may not come to fruition, wouldn't it be better to just make a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and just enjoy the snowfall? If you're bored of the weather at your own house, why don't you take in the sight of snow on the Atlantic City boardwalk??

Watch the snow fall from the sky with the waves crashing against the shore via Resort's LIVE boardwalk camCheck that out below:

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