How bad is crime in Center City Philadelphia? So bad that Wawa is closing two more stores.

Per a report by WPVI-TV, the convenience store chain is shutting down a pair of locations over, "continued safety and security challenges and business factors," according to a statement.

The stores are located on Market Street, one at 12th and the other at 19th Street.

We are very sorry we can’t be there for our friends and neighbors at these two locations, but we continue to serve the community from our other nearby stores and our commitment to the greater region remains strong.

Employees at those locations can relocate to other stores.

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Violent city

WPVI reports a Wawa employee was injured Thursday morning at their store at 36th and Chestnut in the city. A person that they interviewed indicated the worker was pepper sprayed. Five women are reportedly wanted in that attack.

That assault comes just weeks after another Wawa in the city was ransacked by 100 juveniles.

NBC 10, citing Philadelphia Councilmember Mike Driscoll, says Wawa officials may be considering halting new store openings in the city amid rising crime concerns. Driscoll has since walked that statement back.

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