This one might be one of those Jersey Shore questions for the ages. If you had to choose, which is worse - New Jersey drivers in the snow or tourists driving in the summer?

Now before you answer this question, let's remember a few things. First of all, this is one of those questions with no wrong answers and no right answers, so everyone can play. And let's also keep in mind that driving in the snow is most likely fresher in our mind.

Having said all that, we all know there are fabulous arguments for both sides...

If you've driven in the snow this winter, you've probably seen it all. From stopping in random places, to doing 6 mph for no apparent reason, to slamming on the brakes at random, unpredictable times.

And if you' can dig deep for some summer memories, it won't take long for you to get to that moment when you say a car with orange plates sitting in the left lane at a green light with their turn signal on, when there's a perfectly good jughandle just feet away...or how about 40 MPH in the left lane on the Parkway?

This is not an easy choice. Bad driving is abundant in the Garden State. But if you had to choose, which would it be. Which is worse... New Jersey drivers in the snow, or tourists driving in the summer.

Cast your vote now and we'll have the official results very soon. This should be very interesting.

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