Lou Tilley has been a television sports anchor, content creator, producer and media executive for more than 40 years.

Many will perhaps remember Tilley best during his career as sports director, anchor and play-by-play broadcaster for KYW-TV, CBS 3 and Comcast Television in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

During his career, Tilley has followed what he calls “The 3 E’s” for every project that he tackles.

  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Enterprise

Tilley practices the operating philosophy that these three items are not mutually exclusive.

Tilly won 5 Emmys during his time at KYW – TV, for his enterprise reporting. In total, Tilley has won 11 Emmys during his career to date.

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Here is a passage taken directly from his Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia biography … which encapsulates what Tilly has done since his earlier broadcasting days that many are familiar with.

“After a long career as a sports and news anchor in major east coast media markets, Broadcast Pioneers member Lou Tilley partnered with international businessman Martin E. Judge, Jr., founder and President of The Judge Group and The CAFL, to form Lou Tilley Media. LTM is an international creative branding, marketing, public relations and production agency. From concept to delivery, Lou and his team craft engaging cross-platform content created to serve each client's vision and goals. Lou Tilley has long been a familiar face to TV viewers in Philadelphia, Boston, New York, Baltimore, Charlotte and across the nation. His 30+ year on-air career has garnered 11 Emmy awards for excellence in reporting, programming and production.”

I always remember Lou Tilley, as a highly polished, presentable and elegant broadcaster, who possesses a great speaking voice and is capable of generating enthusiasm for the event that he is covering.

Tilley’s talent also led him to develop a professional sports league and national broadcasting of the league in China.

Tilley’s company produced content in China in both Mandarin and English languages.

In his biography, Tilley said "There are no right or wrong ways to deliver the games. We can re-invent the way we present this and other sports to new fans. Because of this, we are better enabled to develop new methods of delivery for our sponsors in the process."

SOURCE: The archives of The Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia.

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