You can just feel it. The sun is setting earlier, back-to-school specials are everywhere and the calendar is nearly ready to be flipped into the month of September. Summer, as most families know it, is essentially over.

end of summer
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The kids have been out of school since late June, but to many New Jersey residents, including the children themselves, it feels like just yesterday.

"I'm really upset because it's over," said Maryrose Finn, a student at Howell High School. "I'm going to miss all those days to sleep in."

"Summer went by really, really fast," added third-grader John Flood of Bergen County. "I'm happy that school's coming, but sad that summer's over."

His mother, Jennifer, is on the same page.

"School starts on Wednesday; I can't believe it," she said. "(Summer) goes fast in Jersey…August goes way too fast."

Roseanne Schack of Westfield, with a daughter headed into fourth grade, knows she only has a few days left before she's waking up earlier and packing lunches.

"Winter feels very long, especially February…and for some reason, July and August feel so much shorter," she said.

It's worth noting some parents are more upset about the exit of summer weather; they don't mind a break from the kids each day.

If you also feel like summer vanished in an instant, take solace in the fact that autumn doesn't officially begin for another three-and-a-half weeks.

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