If you watched the Monday Night NFL game between the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals, you saw something that no one has really seen before.

Bills Safety Damar Hamlin suffered cardiac arrest moments after making a tackle during the game.

Medical personnel rushed onto the field and were able to provide CPR almost immediately.

According to NFL.com, "his heartbeat was restored on the field before he was transported in an ambulance to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center for further testing and treatment." As of early Tuesday morning, Hamlin was in critical condition at the hospital."

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CPR was administered for at least 9 minutes according to reports, and things looked very grim, especially since the game was suspended for the night.

CPR, though, gave Hamlin a chance. As of the writing of this story, we don't know Hamlin's outcome, but at least CPR gave him a chance.

Did you know you can learn CPR as early as today?

The American Red Cross offers CPR and first aid classes both online and in person. You can actually "learn" CPR online, studying at your own pace. Or, you can learn in person with a "live" instructor.

In South Jersey, it appears that in-person courses are held regularly by the Red Cross in both Egg Harbor Township and Hammonton. Training is offered not only to individuals but for groups and organizations.

The easiest thing you can do is click on the American Red Cross website. The easy-to-maneuver site has you enter your location information, then provides a number of learning options.

As the American Red Cross says, "American Red Cross CPR classes take just a few short hours, but the skills you'll learn during the process can make all the difference to someone in need."

SOURCE: American Red Cross

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