EDISON — Authorities are looking for the person who abandoned a puppy, leaving it to practically starve to death on the street.

The malnourished stray was found Sunday near James Madison School. It was so weak that it was unable to lift its head, according to officials at the Edison Animal Shelter, who said the dog had to be euthanized.

After the rescue, the puppy was taken to the Garden State Veterinary Hospital, where it was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and severe dehydration.

On the animal shelter's Facebook page, officials said the puppy had "the worst heart murmur they had ever heard."

The puppy's feet were also deformed, which vets said is most likely a result of it being kept in a cage for most of its life.

Malnourished puppy found in Edison. (Friends of the Edison Animal Shelter)

The shelter said it hopes the person responsible is caught.

“We are all so upset at whoever owned him that they could have thrown him away instead of getting him medical attention before it was too late,” the Edison Animal Shelter said on Facebook.

Anyone with information can contact the shelter at 732-248-7278 or Edison police's non-emergency number at 732-248-7400.

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