White House Subs via Facebook.
White House Subs via Facebook.

With all of the great college and professional football, along with watching wonderful holiday movies … during this precious Christmas and New Year’s 2022 season, we take this opportunity to revisit our listener and readers choice selections.

Perhaps this gets you in the mood to have one of these iconic subs that are unique to our area.

No other area of America can make the Atlantic City sub roll. It’s all in the chemistry of the Atlantic City water that makes the creation of Formica and Rando bread sub rolls possible.

We had so much fun earlier this year putting together a friendly reader/listener survey … in search of who makes the best cheesesteak in the Atlantic City area?

Here is how the vote turned out.

The winner is:

The White House Sub Shop - Atlantic City

We selected 9 area establishments for our readers to choose between.

Google Maps
Google Maps

We received 158 votes, with 9 different restaurants.

Here are the top 5:

1. White House Sub Shop, Atlantic City.

2. Pete’s Sub Shop, Egg Harbor Township.

3. Sack O’ Subs, Ventnor.

3. Vic’s Subs, Absecon.

5. Dino’s Sub Shop, Margate.

Here’s a brief biography of the winner of our friendly listener and reader competition.

The White House Sub Shop of Atlantic City opened in 1946 during World War II.

Founded by Anthony "Tony" Basile, along with his Aunt Basilia and Uncle Alfred "Fritz" Sacco. Prior to this, the front of the Arctic Avenue building was Mr. Basile's tailor shop.

After the war, they closed the tailor shop and “opened the front of the building as a cold ‘submarine’ sandwich shop.”

A very cool fun fact: The fountain and grill hood found today in the front was from the original store.

From The Beatles to Frank Sinatra, The White House Sub Shop has been an iconic establishment that makes a truly great sub.

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Major stars from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra have dined inside the White Sub Shop in Atlantic City over the past more than 76 years.

Look at this iconic memorabilia hanging on the wall:

White House Sub Shop via Facebook.
White House Sub Shop via Facebook.

Here is a photo (below) of a White House Sub Shop legendary cheesesteak sub right after it was cooked and assembled in the restaurant.

White House Subs via Facebook.
White House Subs via Facebook.

If you think our listener/readers missed any deserving establishments, please let us know.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.

Bon appétit.

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