MANCHESTER — A 71-year-old woman's reaction to hitting a refrigerator in her own garage with a car caused a chain of events that damaged four cars (including one that’s a classic) two electrical boxes, a house and a community mailbox on Friday.

Jacquelin Earls backed her blue 1986 Toyota Camry of her garage on Yorkshire Court in the Leisure Village West Adult Community after hitting the refrigerator, crossed the street and struck a white 2015 Honda Accord parked along the curb, according to Manchester police.

Their initial investigation of the incident determined:

  • The Honda hit a black 2013 VW parked in a driveway, and then an electrical box
  • Earls drove her Toyota forward and struck a 1957 Morris Minor
  • The impact pushed the Morris into a closed garage, hitting a Kia Forte parked inside
  • Earls again put the car into drive and hit a JCP&L electrical transformer box
  • She struck a community mail box and stopped the vehicle.

Earls was taken to Community Medical Center in Toms River after complaining of pain.

Police said Earls was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the incident but no charges have been filed. No dollar figure was disclosed for the damage.

Manchester's building inspector and the Leisure Village West Association inspected the buildings afterwards.