Siting the success of the free Kenny Chesney beach concert in 2012, the City of Wildwood wants to bring more big-name shows to town but it's having a very hard time doing so.

Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano tells The Press of Atlantic City the city is having a hard time bringing performers to town because of non-compete clauses in contracts. For example, a typical contract says if a band performs in Atlantic City or Philadelphia, they can't perform within 90 days of that show typically within a 90-mile radius of that venue. Simply put, if a big-name singer or band performs in Philly, Camden, or Atlantic City in the summer, they can't do a show in Wildwood in the summer. And since just about every popular group does a concert at some point in those cities, Wildwood is feeling a bit shut-out.

Big shows like Kenny Chesney's and, more recently, the Atlantic City free beach concerts featuring Blake Shelton and Lady Antebellum can have a huge impact on the region's economy. Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian says the free shows in his city last summer brought over $22 million into the city.

Meanwhile, the City of Wildwood is accepting proposals for summer concerts. Troiano says the city wants to generate anything positive and he wants to continue the city’s musical history with today’s top performers.