United States President Joe Biden is in the process of fast-tracking a vaccine passport.

It may be required for Americans to present this passport in order to:

  1. Fly on a plane.
  2. Attend sporting or entertainment events.
  3. Dining.
  4. Attending Banquets or other planned events.
  5. Other potential events not mentioned.

The major airlines and dozens of travel and labor organizations are pushing the President hard to create a government-issued credential.

They believe this type of standardized credential will help to create a safer environment. They also believe that it will help increase the economic climate and speed-up the economic recovery in America.

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The United States COVID-19 Recovery Team, the Department of Health will lead the public effort.

Understandably, some (perhaps many) Americans are adamantly against this kind of mandate. Those opposed to it, have strong beliefs that this is more government encroachment, with the intended purpose of taking away more freedoms.

There are at least 17 other initiatives currently being explored, such as The Vaccine Credential Initiative, which is a combined effort of tech and health care industries.

For now, the only way to prove that you have received one or both COVID-19 vaccine injections, is to hold onto your CDC record, which is provided to you when you are vaccinated.

This is so important to maintain that Staples stores around the country are offering to laminate your CDC card for free until May 1, 2021.

Still others believe that talk of a vaccine passport is premature.

They contend that the entire focus right now should assigned to getting the American people vaccinated.

They assert that they’ll be plenty of time later to sort through all of this.

We spent an hour on-air this morning, addressing head-on, the issue of potentially requiring the American people to present a COVID-19 vaccine passport, in order to do what have always been ordinary things.

It was universally unpopular with our on-air listener callers, who pushed back very hard against this idea.

Unrelated to the issue of implementing a vaccine passport, there is also a present debate raging about whether government, employers, schools and more can mandate that you must take the vaccine.

For example, Rutgers University is requiring that all students must be COVID-19 vaccinated before they will be allowed to return to the classroom this upcoming fall, 2021.

We’ll be writing more about this in the near future.

It is my strong opinion that the COVID-19 vaccine is extraordinarily important in terms of the American people reclaiming their way of life.

Each and every time I mention the COVID-19 vaccine, I am also quick to remind you to first consult with your healthcare provider, to determine if the vaccine is right for you.

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